Black Sea hazelnut and honey concentrated with ice-cream


Black Sea hazelnut and honey concentrated with ice-cream

An ice-cream without containing any protective and sweatening ingredients but sweeted only with honey and hazelnut has been produced through the study being conducted by Food Engineering Department at Ordu University.

In the thesis study conducted by Dr Sümeyya Şahin from The Department of Food Engineering in Agricultural Faculty, a new type of high-nutritied ice-cream has been produced for the purpose of having the ice-cream obtained in a healthier and more confidental form for especially the children.

That producing the majority of honey in our country and growing the most production of hazelnut in Ordu province has directed Ordu University to do new researches about regional products, which resulted in releasing high-nutrited ice-cream containing hazelnut and honey.

The consultant of the study, Dr Sümeyya Şahin talked about the work and said ‘’ Hazelnut is rich in respect of antioxcidant which has a protective feature against cronic diseases by reducing oxsidative stress inactivating free radicals in the body. On the other hand, honey is a sweetening and aromic natural nutrient which can meet the needs of brain and body by quick transforming into energy.    Honey, an invalid food for child nutrition, is unfortunately not consumed as expected amount. Through the study , a child-loved nutrient and a more enjoyable and functional product has been delivered .’’ Dr Sümeyya Şahin added ‘’ We are targeting to offer honey-hazelnut added ice-cream to people in a short time.’’


Autumn fruited-honied ice-cream

In addition to the studies mentioned above, the autumn fruit enhanced by honied ice-cream  has been produced . The autumn fruit which is a grape-like fruit and known to contain high antioxidant and anticancered and a protective against radiation has been used as a natural colorant instead of artificial food colorant. At the end of the study, a new type of product obtained with attraction and fruit aroma and high capacity of antioxicidants has been released by adding honey to autumn fruit.

The Rector, Prof Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç talked about the issue and said ‘’ Food sector which is  considered to be one of the industries having remarkable socio-economic impact has proceded great advancement in Turkey and region in recent years. In this sense it is of great importance to contribute the sustainabaility of development of the sector taking consideration variables and dynamics.’’ The Rector Yarılgaç also said ‘’ We are always in the process of researches aiming at the products such as hazelnut and honey we have a mass production capacity across the world to make a new product and bring them into food industry .  Ordu University is trying both to do more studies on new products and put them into industry to make more profits. Besides, Ordu University is closely following modern technology and providing industry-university cooperation in the country, which makes the University accepted in international platforms. On this occasion I thank Dr Sümeyya Şahin from Food Engineering Department of Agricultural Faculty for her study and contribution to local economy and industry.’’     

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