Rector Akdoğan Attended “Ordu Promotion Days”

Rector of Ordu University Prof.Dr. Ali Akdoğan participated in the “Ordu Promotion Days held in Istanbul for the 9th time this year.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan stated in his speech, “As a member of Ordu, I believe that our Ordu can be more livable, sufficient in every field and contributing to the further development of our country in terms of material and spirituality with the works we will carry out in social, cultural and economic fields in unity, solidarity and brotherhood. We, as Ordu University, are ready to do whatever we have to do in order to promote and develop our University and our province hand in hand with the Governorship, Metropolitan Municipality, district municipalities and non-governmental organizations in order to make our city a brand city in our country. As an institution, we are proud to protect our cultural values and ensure that these values are passed on to future generations, to establish a bridge of hearts with our fellow citizens who live in Istanbul and to touch their hearts.”

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