University Staff rallied for Eid al Adha greetings

The Academic and administrative staff of Ordu University gathered at traditional meeting to greet Eid al Adha. The Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç accompanying with Vice-Rectors, Prof Dr Fikri Balta , Prof Dr Tevfik Noyan and General Secretary Associate Prof Mehmet Kenan Şahin joined the meeting organized at the university dining hall.


The Rector Prof Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç made a speech at the ceremony and said ‘’ Religious festivals create peaceful climates such as love, respect and friendship. For ages the feasts which have enabled us to cherish and remember social values such as solidarity, friendship and love are the most meaningful days. Thus, being together on these days intensifies brotherhood ties and consolidates nation consciousness. For this occasion I faithfully greet Eid al Adha of the whole university staff , people in Ordu and Turkisn people and wish healthy and happy festival.’’

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