Opening of "Clothing World" Store at Ordu University

Within the scope of the social responsibility project initiated by our university, Clothing was opened in order to help needy students.

Rector of our university Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Tevfik Noyan and the academic and administrative staff participated in the ceromony in Morphology building.

Within the scope of the social responsibility project, which aims to supply clothing to the needy students in a free manner, 900 clothes which were left to the points determined by the university staff and students in Republic Campus of our university were collected in the garment room and opened in the morphology building. In the shop where the clean and ironed clothes were placed in the pre-checked condition, the clothes were put on the shelves. It was informed that the garment room, which can be used by all of our needy students, will be open between 15.00 and 17.00 on weekdays.

Rector of our university stated that Ordu University has been acting with social sensitivity by producing citizen focused projects that put the social consciousness that strengthens the dynamic structure of scientific studies. Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç said, universities are not only science centers, but also the leading social leaders who have undertaken social responsibility activities. Ordu University, which draws its course with its mission from this position, carries out social benefit-oriented service activities with the social campaigns. It has been realized with its student clubs and units. In this context, the Clothing World Social Responsibility Work was carried out in our university as a result of the contribution of the internal stakeholders of our university, the garments left at certain points within the Republic Campus. They were brought together and presented to the service of our needy students. I would like to congratulate all the staff and students who have contributed to the Clothing World project with the belief that such studies will emphasize the role of Ordu University in the community-oriented service.

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