"8 March International Women's Day" Celebration Message by the Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç

March 8, when the gender equality is highlighted within the boundaries of respect, peace and understanding, is of great importance as a day which enables the equality of women and men to be validated  equally and an awareness within this framework.

The fact that compassion and virtue take place in human consciousness as true value is directly proportional to the existence of women in social life.

A healthy family structure in every respect, the assurance of our national future, the positive course of psycho-motor development of our children and the unshakable preservation of the ethical criteria are all possible in women's sociological framework.

At this point, women take on an important mission in the socio-psychological development of a society as a triangulation point .Therefore, the fact that women are at all points of social life without any negative discrimination contributes to the modernization of the society, Our national liberation and establishment struggle which is the first core of our journey of modernization, has always been a milestone in the history of civilizations.

With this awareness, I would like to celebrate 8 March International Women's Day with my sincere feelings and wish a happy life for all our female citizens.


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