15 July “Democracy Victory and Commemoration of Martyrs Programme” was organized at our university.

Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. FikriBalta, Prof. Dr. TevfikNoyan, Deputy Secretary General Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kenan Şahin, Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Nülüfer Erbil, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Prof. Dr. TahsinTonkaz, Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts Prof. Dr. ZekaiTarakçı, Dean of Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Manager of School of Physical Education and Sports Asst. Prof. Dr. ErcümentErdoğan, academic, administrative staff and invitees attended the programmed held in the concert hall of Faculty of Music and Performing Arts.

The program started with stand in silence and the National Anthem. Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç stated that as an academic community, from an academic point of view, the concept of universities will be replaced by an understanding of how to change the point of view from now on, how it will be beneficial to people in academic terms, how to direct the young people, and thus the benefits both locally and nationally and worldwide.

Rector Yarılgaç stated that: “On July 15th, 2016, the coup attempt against our nation, the National Assembly, Turkish Armed Forces and the act of making the saint country open to the occupation have been removed for a short time with the courage and anticipation of our nationality and the President. Our people taught thosewho assumed that they would capture our country with their plans, in the evening of 15 July before twenty-four hours. In this initiative, where the bombing of the Grand National Assembly, where many innocent people have been martyred and wounded and which the government has suffered in every way, it is necessary to hand over to our national streets for unity and integrity of our country and to dedicate this treacherous action to the world and history of the country it is a very important incident.”


Rector Yarılgaç said, "The willpower revealed by our nationality and our state in the democracy  that took place on July 15th should be understood and evaluated as a historical challenge against those who do not belong to this nation and this country. All of you have challenged this situation with your own will. He has acted against the people who planned the treacherous attempt to shape the internal and external politics, to prevent the influence of the national intellectual governance, and to determine the regional and global politics. The necessity of struggling with the structuring of the PDY group in the following processes should be kept alive in memory as a remarkable detail. Every citizen has tremendous responsibilities to struggle with these and such constructs that have found their place of living by abusing the good intentions of the peoples of this nation. For this action and similar initiatives, there is a need for a comprehensive struggle at the level of mentality above all else. For this reason universities should have the obligation to educate themselves which will provide the most important contribution as long as they regard education as not a mechanical transfer of knowledge but an organic mentality process. Today, the priority task for all of us has shown our efforts to reorganize our society and our state on this ground. 

15 July Democracy Victory and Commemorating Our Martyrs Program In the framework of our university, the dean of Ünye School of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Professor of Theology Faculty Professor. Dr. Sadık Kılıç gave a conference on "Academic Standing Against Abuse of Values". Kılıç said that  "as seen in the July 15 issue, was able to come together in the name of freedom for the sake of mental and vital independence in the name of freedom on behalf of the people, regardless of political orientation. FETO betrayed the emancipation. They betrayed to our students whom our people delivered with their good intentions.  The construction of the FETO constitutes a victim for many people who have made their own people in the way of the state and have made a certain amount of effort in the way they deserve. FETO betrayed to our country and our people. Kılıç also said that "the formation of the FETO, has found their way into society in a complete hypocrisy. By swearing, they tricked people into bringing them closer to them. They used visuality as a tool at the highest level, which led to a buildup in construction ".

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