ODU Condemns Intruder USA and Israel

The USA regarding international law, the decisions of the UN and historical and social realities has already launched instability and chaos in the Middle East making decision of moving the USA Embassy to Jerusalem (Kudüs), which dispatched Israel to massacre in Gaza. That emerging of the inauspicious decision emerges on the day of Nekbe disaster anniversary displays that the issue includes a huge stimulation and provocation to the Middle East geography.   

We, all, curse the assassins and the partners of the massacre conducted in the crusade mentality in the first quarter of the 21st Century. That the rights of innocent Palestinians have been ignored for tens of years and by Zionist Israel State and their depriving of most fundamental rights and at last not saying ‘STOP ‘’ in a strong voice to that massacre is not an unacceptable status.   

The history will definitely record these days as a black mark. Archaic Palestinian people have the right of self-defence. Israel, in the position of conqueror and its patron, the USA have already inspired state terrorism using violence against oppressed peoples in the Middle East. We are inviting The UN and The International Lahey Criminal Court to fulfil their duties. If international law works and the humanity has a grain of conscience and we expect these institutions will immediately start a prosecution against Trump and Netanyahu having committed massacre. Otherwise, as Aliya İzzetbegoviç stated: “The thing we remember when everything ends is to be the silence of our friends’’ Being silent to that cruelty will go down in history as a black mark.’’

We offer our condolence to innocent and oppressed Palestinian people and think the whole world will recognize sooner or later that not only the martyrs fighting for their countries and honours but also universal human rights are slaughtered. We call everyone having conscience will adopt a particular attitude against the USA and Israel and shout out the injustice uniting with Palestinians.            

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