The 54th Library Week Events Started in ODÜ

Library and Documentation Department organized  "54. Library Week " in our University

Emin Çetinceviz Central Library in front of the event program Vice rector Prof. Dr. Fikri Balta, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Literature. Dr. Öznur Ergen Akçin, Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Nülüfer Erbil, Dean of the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts. Sabri Yener, our university's academic and administrative staff and students attended.

Ali Aygün, Head of Library and Documentation Department, who made the opening speech of the event, "Living in the magical world of books demands a habit. He likes books, loves people and all other living things. A plant looks at a dry leaf or a piece of tin otherwise. Interpretations of the world fall into the struggle to change. If we could take a step into this magical world of books in our weeklong activities, what a happy one. The way to perceive humanity is through books. It is based on the foundation of science and art. Here are books worthy of humanity, protected in libraries. Present to researchers, students, all people. Digital libraries or libraries have come to the table with advanced technology applications that have evolved in today's world. Even electronic books have become a preference for some, but can these digital images, optical characters, book pages hold that beautiful smell of the rustling touch of my fingers? In short, the more internet facilities develop, the more popular they can not keep the book. There is a gratifying fact that in developed countries the interest in the library has not diminished or even increased. Many libraries and book reading and liking establishments of booklovers and countries continue to serve widely. "

Vice rector Prof. Dr. Fikri Balta, "Today, we live in the age of information and technology, internet has become able to reach any kind of information through. Together with these developments, it is also necessary to be able to distinguish the truth of knowledge. Because when we research, work, at any moment in life, even in a news line, we are faced with a lot of wrong information. That's why we need information centers that sort the information, separate useless information from useless, provide accurate information in a reliable way, and quickly access it. We are continuing to make progress towards becoming an information center for the academicians and students of our university, Emin Çetinceviz Central Library, which started to serve in 2017-2018 academic year. Our readers are in the Emin Çetinceviz Central Library, an information center that meets the users with an environment that accommodates all kinds of technological possibilities, which is different from the traditional libraries, and which has all kinds of architectural details. through automated borrowing stations, Opac catalog scanning stations and library automation systems, access to sources of information or access to their information without being tied to time and place. There is also a Broadcast Scanning Station, which allows the library to be scanned for non-lending publications via external memory or e-mail. For the ODÜ Emin Çetinceviz Central Library building they donated to my university, Sayın Onur Çetinceviz and Sayın İhsan Çetinceviz, well-known successful businessmen of Ordu; Thanks to the contributions to the events, our Student Council, publishing houses, sponsors and our country greet everyone in the history of librarianship with their respect for the first day, and I congratulate the 54th Library Week with my best wishes.

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