Our University Celebrated The World Women's Day

Our University Celebrated The World Women's Day

As part of the activities of International Women's Day in the University, the Bicycle Club organized a bicycle tour, an artistic interview on behalf of "March 8th World Worker Women's Day" by the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts and the opening of an exhibition where the works prepared by the faculty members of the Faculty of Fine Arts took place.

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Fikri Balta and Dean of Fine Arts Faculty Prof. Dr. Derya Bostanci, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Science Prof. Dr. Öznur Ergen Akçin, Dean of Faculty of Music and Performing Arts Prof. Dr. Sabri Yener, academicians, students and invitations attended to the organised event.

The events that took place in our university campus started with bicycle tour aimed at meaning and importance of the students of cycling club.

Then, in the Concert Hall of the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, a lecture was held by faculty members on behalf of World Women's Day. The story of Afife Jale, the first Turkish female theater actress, is the first Turkish female opera performer Leyla Gencer's successful career to gain an important position on the world stage, commemorating female cultists who have been cultivated by female academicians of theater, music and Turkish music departments., contributions made by the female composers and performers who gave their names in the classical western music in the 19th century for the day-to-day music art, biographical explanations of Turkish women virtuosos Suna Kan, Idil Biret and Ayla Duran, female composers and artistic works in Turkish Music.

Afterwards, Sezen Aksu's Unzile and Kadın Isterse performances with the dramatization of the first class students of the theater department were performed in order to draw attention to the problem of "Violence to the Women" and "Child Brides" and to raise awareness. The program ended with a work by female academics called The Womanhood.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition held at the Morphology Building Foyer Hall on behalf of the International Women's Day was held by Vice Rector. Prof. Dr. Fikri Balta performed. The video screening was also carried out in the exhibition where 34 works were prepared by 18 teaching staff in Painting, Graphic Design, Sculpture, Ceramics and Cinema and Television departments.

Vice Rector. Prof. Dr. Fikri Balta stated in the interview made by the Diplomacy Club that remarkable event organisations in ODÜ due to the International Women's Day are important in terms of social sensitivity mission carried out by our university and  the concert performed by the faculty of the Bike Tour, Music and Performing Arts organized by the staff and students and World Women's Day exhibition organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts and the World Women's Day in our university are filled with enthusiasm and meaning expressed his happiness in this celebration. Underlining that the universities are the locomotives that generate meaning for the societies, and Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Fikri Balta who is celebrating this meaningful day of the female staff and students of our university noted that it is important that women take part in every aspect of their life and that this March 8th violence against women wishes to be a milestone where violence ends.

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