ODU "Snow Festival" Held in Çambaşı Plateau Ski Resort

The first “Snow Festival” event, hosted by our university, was held at Çambaşı Plateau Ski Resort.

Snow Festival, the Governor of the Ordu Seddar Yavuz, Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Mehmet Hilmi Guler, Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kiran, Rector of our University Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Tahsin Tonkaz, Faculty Deans, Institute and Vocational School Directors, academic and administrative staff, students and citizens attended.

In his speech, Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan said, ''I would like to thank our Governor, who has always helped our university and who has always felt by our side and who has not left us alone in our activity today. Distinguished students, we want you to be happy to study at Ordu University; we want you to grow up to be beneficial individuals for your state, nation and country while growing up in the most productive age of your youth. When you finish your studying and programs, this country, this nation, this state to go further, with love, start, love with our nation reveals as an important thought; for this, our state, we want to mobilize the possibilities of our nation. I wish you to spend a nice day in this environment which will be the occasion for you to take your fatigue and increase your happiness in winter''.

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, ''we are happy to be with young, energetic students and faculty members of Ordu University. The facility here is good for you. May all the beauties sacrifice you. Have fun, relieve your tiredness with the taste of the mouth and very successfully in our country, let us protect the world. You are the ambassadors of our Ordu city. Collect good memories here and tell them about your good memories as Ordu ambassadors wherever you go. We will do more beautiful things with you. Çambaşı Plateau will be one of the most beautiful centers of attraction in the world. Ordu is a city that will live in four seasons for 12 months. Our city will be more beautiful ”.

Governor Yavuz, ”Ordu as the city is the biggest love reason that we can feel. Considering that blue and green embrace and white is added to this, I suppose it would be a different love. So I believe the future of the Ordu is bright. I think that we can build this bright future together. It is a pleasure for us to be with you on such a beautiful day. I would like to thank our esteemed Rector who made us live this happiness and our very valuable Metropolitan Mayor who prepared this environment separately ”.

After the speeches, Rector Akdoğan, members of the protocol and students played horon.

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