ODU Recycles the Fish Wastes

The study conducted by the Department of Fisheries Technology of Fatsa Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries Technology of our university revealed that serious environmental pollution caused by unaccounted fish wastes in our country can be solved and high protein hydrolysis value added by recycling can be produced.

A study was initiated at our University because a small proportion of the fish wastes obtained at a rate of more than 50 percent of the processed fisheries in the fisheries processing plants were sent to the fish factories for use in animal feed, and then the rest were left as pollutants unevaluated. Fatsa Faculty of Marine Sciences Faculty of Fisheries Technology Processing Technology Department Prof. Dr. Conducted under the guidance of Bahar Tokur and Lecturer. The doctoral thesis by Koray Korkmaz, who was assigned by his staff, revealed that the pollution caused by unaccounted fish wastes in our country could be removed and the high level of protein hydrolysis recycling could be done by removing the wastes. With the study, fish protein hydrolysates were used as commercial products as functional food, animal feed, organic fertilizer and pet food as well as in the field of medicine and pharmacology.

Our university, which is in the center of information production in the region, is in the reviews of Ordu University's studies in the field of aquaculture. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç has been increasing worldwide in recent years to evaluate waste resources as highly recyclable sources of pollution from pollution sources, to produce products with high added value in terms of national economies and to prevent environmental pollution. For this reason, the fisheries sector should adopt the principle of increasing the efforts for the evaluation of the wastes of the aquaculture nationwide by establishing a conscious policy towards waste management, and converting these wastes into the products to be economically profitable. Since its establishment, our university, which has guided the region through scientific studies conducted in its units, continues to carry out research and development activities aimed at increasing production diversity and productivity in the country through the use of regionally oriented agricultural products and aquaculture products. In this context, Fatsa Faculty of Marine Sciences, Department of Fisheries Technology, Department of Processing Technology, Professor at the Faculty of Marine Science and Technology, who continued to work on methods of lifting wastes and recycling. Dr. Bahar Tokur said that I would like to thank Koray Korkmaz for his contribution to the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the fisheries and aquaculture sector in our country and I wish him success in his work. "


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