ODU continue Hazelnut Researches through International Projects

The Rector, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç has continued examinations in the hazelnut fields established in the framework of the project entitled ‘’ The Observation of Modern and Traditional Applications in Hazelnut Growing.’’ 

During the examination, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç has been accompanied with the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof Dr Tahsin Tonkaz, The Head of Horticultural Department, Prof Dr Ali İslam, and the Director of Construction Works , Vuslat Varol Çolakoğlu.

In the hazelnut fields created in the scope of European Project, the hazelnut species such as tonbul, palaz, foşa, çakıldak, kalınkara, uzunmusa as well as Italian and Spanish types are avaialable. In the field, in addition to induction of the hazelnut types from Italy and Spain, all kinds of hazelnut will be compared in respect of efficiency and quality.

The Rector, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç focused on the significance of the subject and made evaluations about the hazelnut which is an important product in the Black Sea Region and Ordu province. The Rector Yarılgaç said ‘’ Important dimension of the international relations generate academic agreements signed with partner organizations abroad and created by dual projects and field works established by bileteral relations. In this sense, Ordu University pays maximum attention to improve the international cooperations. We, as Ordu University, aim to create and develop sustainable cooperations between academicians and producers with bilingual collaborations by transfering these kinds of relations to scientific potential agricultural fields and transforming knowledge into economic output and directing agricultural activities in the region into research and development and innovative works. In this respect, for the hazelnut which is the most important agricultural product in the region and Ordu province we make guidance to a variety of projects carried out in the framework of TÜBİTAK and supported by Natural Boron Research Institution.

As Ordu University, we will willingly constantly continue to share the knowledge obtained through these kinds of projects with producers and contribute to raise the quality and efficiency of the hazelnut.’’

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