Emin Çetinceviz Library of Ordu University Became the Center of Students’ Interest

Emin Çetinceviz Library which includes a variety of library activities and technological facilities continues to offer printed and e-resources to academic staff and students.

Approximately 84 thousand printed boks

Emin Çetinceviz Library which offers a great deal of services from digital library, cooperation among other libraries, document-providing service, technical support and knowledge-treasure to printed and electronic documents ; 83.868 books, more than 200 thousand e-books and more than 40 thousand e-magazine subscription and also continuing to provide fast-reaching scientific network to academicians and students.

93.854 visits in 2018

In the library where 300 students can take the facility of studying at one section and accessing internet using one’s own computer and also having 56 computers, the distant-accessing service is being provided to university personnel and students to reach electronic library resources.

Emin Çetinceviz Library opened to service on the 15th of December 2017 hosted 93.854 visitors in 2018 will target to welcome more visitors providing the latest materials and activities to be held to its beneficiaries.

The Rector of Ordu University, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç stated ‘ the libraries are the doors opening to global knowledge and added ‘Emin Çetinceviz Library contributes to socialize  in the global scale with its scientific literature network. The central library keeps to contribute the cultural entellectualism both graduate and postgradaute studies. Emin Çetinceviz Library opened in 2017 has increased the knowledge treasure in two years’ time and set up an international network and the library will continue the development to be a highly advanced knowledge resources in 2019.’  

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