Ordu 1st Development Workshop Which Had Group Presentations and Evaluations Ended

Ordu 1st Development Workshop, which was held to contribute to Turkey's 2023 vision and economic development of the city, ended after sectorial workshop sessions and the presentations of the results.

The presentations about the current situational analyses of the sectors, problems, actions and the targets were made on the second day of the workshop which 62 academicians participated and and which carried out a sectorial analysis of Ordu. The Rector of our university, Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, the Lieutenant Governor Ekrem Yaman, the representatives of relevant ministries, provincial protocol, academic and administrative personnel from our university joined the ending program of the workshop.

The remarks of the panelists who worked in groups and exchanged views with one another were reported and shared with the participants on the last day of the panel. Important objectives and problems in the field of tourism, agriculture, health, environment, nature, transportation and infrastructure were identified during the workshop. And many ideas were suggested on the issues such as the improvement of tourism and the solution of accommodation problems of ecological tourism, tableland tourism and health tourism, the doze reduction of agricultural pesticide, the prevention of soil and underground water in respect of agriculture, making the villages reach an environment-friendly architecture and infrastructure locationally, speeding up the environment- friendly employment focused industrialization in accordance with natural beauties and putting the nut to good use as a raw material by turning it into by-products.

The Lieutenant Governor of Ordu, Ekrem Yaman stated “ Having been discussed in a large scope, the issues included in the program made a significant projection on the development objectives of Ordu by the help of both the effective management of the moderators and also of meaningful presentations of the panelists. Whole of the reports recorded within the workshop will be turned into a book as the First Development Workshop of Ordu and will be shared with the public opinion. I want to give my special thanks to The Rector of Ordu University, Professor Doctor Tarık Yarılgaç who honoured us by hosting this workshop held in order to contribute to the 2023 vision of Turkey and embodiment of development objectives of Ordu and I also want to thank to the academicians who enlightened us with their valuable knowledge, to our organizer stakeholders and workers .”

The Rector of Ordu University, Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç concluded the workshop with these words, “I hope the First Development Workshop of Ordu in which valuable information has been shared and important points have been reported through sectorial analyses will be useful to Ordu in terms of determining the vision policies of 2023 and development objectives. I give my thanks primarily to all academic and administrative staff who made great efforts for this workshop and to all attenders for participating.”

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