The Rector, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç takes part in the Congress for International Green Capitals

The Rector of Ordu University, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç joined the Congress for International Green Capitals held in Konya province. The Rector Yarılgaç who became the chairman of the second session entitled ‘’Education and City’’ in the Congress made a presentation introducing ‘’ Green Area Botanical Design of Cumhuriyet Campus of Ordu University’’.

In the Congress for Green Capitals, The Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç, The Rector of Selçuk University Prof Dr Mustafa Şahin, The Rector of Necmettin Erbakan University Prof Dr Muzaffer Şeker, The Rector of University of Food and Agriculture Prof Dr Cumhur Çökmüş and a great deal of representatives from Turkey and abroad, the members of NGOs and many participants have been involved.

588 participants 70 of whom are from foreign countries from 48 different countries and at 41 sesssions, totally 286 presentations and announcements about climate change, sustainable local transportation, urban green area, the use of sustainable fields, nature and biological diversity, environment-eco innovation and sustainable employment, energy efficiency, integration environmental management and peace and city have been introduced.

In the congress The Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç performed a presentation entitled ‘’ Green Area Botanical Design in Cumhuriyet Campus of Ordu University’’ and told the works about the infrastructure and green area in Cumhuriyet Campus since 2006. The Rector added that ‘’Ordu University is guiding its partners with the infrastructure and lanscape works in the campus and during the process all the works are being registered and new future plans are being acted. In this sense, all kinds of plants digged in the campus area are being studied according to their species. Of course the goal is to creat a collection and recreation land and equip the campus area to be a sample area in the region. The attention is given the types of the flowers to grow in the regional climate. Up to now thousands of species have been planted and created suitable spaces for the plants. In this respect, all the works aim at forming the best campus area for the university of Ordu’’. The Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç ended his speech saying that ‘’ We continuously proceed the works to increase the green areas equipped with esthetics and functional features using ouw own budget.’

At the end of the presentation the Rector Yarılgaç was awarded with a certificate stating that 1000 saplings had been planted in Tavusbaba Wodd.

The Congress for International Green Capitals in which green and environmental advancements in the World had been tackled and discussed ended on the 11th May, 2018.





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