Rector Akdoğan Performed a Visit to the Units

Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Ali Akdogan, Emin Cetinceviz Central Library, School of Physical Education and Sports and the Faculty of Agriculture made student canteens.

Rector Prof. Dr. Emin Çetinceviz, who was inaugurated in 2017, conducted examinations in the Central Library. Rector Akdogan visited the study rooms of the library, periodicals, digital libraries and themed publishing halls and cafeteria. During the visit, Rector Akdoğan was companied by the General Secretary Prof. Dr. M. Kenan Şahin and Recep Arslan, Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs Department. Rector Akdoğan stated that the Central Library has created a wide scientific infrastructure for both researchers, undergraduate and graduate students who carry out scientific studies with the rich literature network, and thanked the Çetinceviz family for their efforts in bringing the Central Library to Ordu University.


Rector Akdoğan stated that universities are the institutions that have the duty to serve the society which forms the basis of science. Today, as a result of the examinations we have conducted in Emin Çetinceviz Central Library, School of Physical Education and Sports and the Faculty of Agriculture, we decided to activate student canteens within the framework of the sensitivity of our students to create places where they can rest and socialize after their classes. For the comfort of our students, academic and administrative staff, we are striving to complete all infrastructure works in order to make our University an attractive, livable, high-level education place.”

Rector Akdoğan underlined the necessity of continuing the studies for Ordu University to become a national and international brand university and touched upon the inadequacy of the hospital. As the university management, our priority is to create a common mind with the dynamics of the city and the leading administrators of our state and to gain the hospital in need. I know the sensitivity of the state authorities and politicians about this issue and that they are trying to solve this problem. I have no doubt that the officials of our state, especially Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of the Republic of Turkey, will make the most accurate, healthy and analytical decision regarding the city. In this context, the city hospital, affiliye hospital or a medical faculty hospital built by our University on its own land will be in an effort to bring Ordu. ”

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