Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç's Celebration Message for Mother’s Day

Our mothers who give the best examples of unrequited love are our first teachers who guide us with eternal love and devotion on our way to our future. Mothers who take great responsibility in raising healthy generations with love and compassion, intellect and body, are the main pillars of family and community life. Beyond the great responsibility they bear, our mothers who devote all their existence to this responsibility carry the most beautiful, cleanest, innocent feelings of the world. Everywhere in the world, whatever social status they have, all mothers shed light on our lives with virtues such as compassion, goodness, beauty, patience, justice and equality they bear in their hearts. Our moms who bring us to the world, who prepare the life, support, love and warmth are always wanted, our indispensable values, our life riches.

Love of mother is the greatest and most precious kind of love and their only expectation is our love. To make them happy, to show that their labor is not wasted, to be proud of their children, is the greatest gift for our mothers.

On this meaningful occasion we find the opportunity of presenting our gratitude to our self-sacrificing mothers who see us as a part from their soul, from their spirit, from their essence and without expecting any compensation for their lives, warming our hearts with love. I celebrate "Mother's Day" of all our mothers with my most heartwarming feelings. I wish our mothers who are the symbol of unrequited love health, wellbeing and happiness.

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