First Operation in Ordu from our University

Two patients with heart rhythm disturbance were successfully treated with the freezing method in Ordu in our Education Research Hospital.

In the coexistence of Assistant Professor Dr. Osman Bektaş from Cardiology Department in Ordu University Education and Research Hospital, a method of freezing (cryo-ablation) was applied to the disorder of rhythm disorder. Asymptomatic rhythm disturbance is a very common disease starting at the heart of the atria, indicating that the disease increases with age. Dr. Osman Bektas stated that this disease caused a heart attack, fatigue, a feeling of excessive fatigue rarely fainting, complaints of shortness of breath. However, Bektaş stated that there may be rhythm disorders without any complaints. "There are many options to treat rhythm disturbance, including changes in lifestyle, medications, catheter-based procedures and surgery. Depending on the complaints and the condition of the heart, a treatment option may be offered to the patient. Drug therapy is actually the first treatment option in patients with almost all rhythm disturbances. "

"Freezing or burning is a good option for patients who are not able to maintain normal heart rhythms or who can not tolerate the side effects of drugs," said Bektas. "In the ice cream method, the patient is usually half-asleep and the operation is usually performed under local anesthesia. The catheters are inserted  into the veins, and advanced into the heart of the heart. The target tissue for ablation is frozen on the tip of the catheter. "

Expressing that this method is a highly effective treatment method today, Bektaş added that this method was applied for the first time in Ordu. The patients suffered from rhythm disturbance. The treatment was done successfully.

Ordu University Education and Research Hospital and the institution of health services carried out the work. Rector Prof Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç explained that  "Our University's Education and Research Hospital continues to meet the health services needed in the region with its specialist doctors and experienced health personnel who are aiming to provide high quality health services to the city and its region. Within this scope, in 2017, approximately 363 thousand outpatient clinics were provided at the Training and Research Hospital, while more than 6 operations were performed in the same period in our hospital. However, the number of examinations made last year in our hospital is close to 4 million. All of these data show that the Education and Research Hospital meets a significant portion of the city's health care needs and that many health problems are resolved within our institution. Our university continues to offer healthcare services in the best conditions and conditions in line with the needs of both the Research Hospital and the Dental Faculty and the needs of the environmental illnesses. In this context, we were pleased that two patients in our hospital were treated with the first surgical procedure in Ordu. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our university and I congratulate assistant professor Dr. of cardiology Osman Bektaş to be successful in his work."

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