Our University Continues to Intensify its Healthcare Services

Ordu University hospitals, which have the quality of being an important address not only in Ordu but also in the health field of the region, have had a service race last year. The Ministry of Health Ordu University Training and Research Hospital, which attracted attention with its experienced staff, has served more than 363 patients in the last year, while in the Maternity and Children Hospital, nearly 4 operations have been performed. The treatment process since the establishment of the Dental Hospital has reached 1 million.

ODU Training and Research Hospital served 363 thousand patients

The Ministry of Health ODU Training and Research Hospital, which aims to provide quality healthcare services, continues to meet the health services needed in the region with its expert doctors and experienced health personnel. Within this scope, in 2017 ODÜ Training and Research Hospital, 363 thousand 478 patients were given outpatient services. 6 thousand 626 operations were performed in the hospital where ten thousand 57 patients were treated in hospital. The number of examinations made last year at the hospital is 3 million 820 thousand 647.

Number of operations in ODU Obstetrics and Children's Hospital approached 4 thousand

The Ministry of Health ODU Maternity and Children Hospital, which is the most equipped hospital of Black Sea Region which is another unit that Ordu University serves in the field of health, has 3 thousand 919 operations carried out last year and the patients are healed. In the hospital where ten thousand 432 patients were treated inpatient, outpatient clinic services were provided to 233 thousand patients. Ministry of Health ODU Women's Birth and Children's Hospital last year, a total of 1 million 318 thousand 410 audits were performed.

1 million treatments were done at the Faculty of Dentistry

Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç stated about the subject that: "Ordu University started to admit patients in the top rank in terms of oral and dental health in the year of Ordu University Faculty of Dentistry last year, 73 thousand 794 patients with polyclinic services in the last 6 years since the establishment of 321 thousand 867 patients in 1 million treatment was performed. Ordu University Faculty of Dentistry continues to maintain its position in the front lines in the Ordu and the surrounding areas in oral and dental health services, which are growing day by day in terms of physical and technological possibilities.

University hospitals within the scope of educational hospitals as health research and application centers play an important role in the education of medical and other health disciplines they undertake, in health related researches and in the improvement of the health level of the society with the treatment services of the patients with more advanced and serious problems. Therefore, nowadays, university hospitals have become institutions where advanced diagnostic services are provided. As Ordu University, we are continuing to work on healthcare services that we have carried out in this scope both in our Research Hospital and Dental Faculty. Each year, thousands of patients on the treatment of hundreds of thousands of locomotives in the region with the role of the University, will respond to every need, designed to respond to all kinds of new service buildings will continue to contribute to the region and the country."

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