ODU, with a 99 percent occupancy rate, continues to protect the place among the most preferred universities in Turkey.

Our university, which continues to increase the number of students along with its academic and physical development every year, reached the quota occupancy rate of 99 percent this year according to the results of 2019 Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS).
Our University rose to 38th place among 123 state universities in the Overall Satisfaction Rankings of the undergraduate students of the State Universities according to the results of the report of Turkey University Satisfaction Survey (TUMA) 2019 and continued to maintain its place among the most preferred universities. According to the results of the Higher Education Institutions Exam of 2019, 2061 students were placed in the quota of 2080 students opened for 43 undergraduate programs in our faculties and schools.A total occupancy rate of more than 100 percent was achieved by placing 1872 students in the 1805 quota for 42 associate degree programs in our vocational schools.


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