ODU Maintains Its Scientific Studies with 152 Labs

Ordu University which continues to train qualified people who could take task in each stage of research and development process and services to the social –based activities has provided a great deal of contributions ; 14 research labs, training labs and workshops since its establisment and the total number has reached 152 , which means elevenfold rise.

Ordu University which produces regional and national projects as well as international ones continues to extend its substructure creating new labs and equipping the present ones in line with the needs of the units. In this sense, while the number of the labs was 14 in 2006, it reached 152 adding 5 new labs in 2018.

The Advanced Technology Research Areas

While the Faculty of Dentistry, thanks to its high technology labs, has signed a variety of first operations in Ordu and continued to provide the services related with the mouth and teeth protection of the society using research-training and health labs.

The Medical Faculty maintains to offer medical service with 14 labs and researches carried out in Education and Research Hospital of Health Ministry to region.

Besides, the Faculty of Science and Letter is always in the process of training qualified staff to have test and responsibility in research stage.

Qualified Academic Studies related with regional products

The Faculty of Agriculture which is among the institutions and conducts activities to carry out Agricultural training, teaching and research activities with its 31 labs aims at training agricultural engineers and contributes to produce scientific researches and projects. By means of the labs, The Agricultural Faculty maintains its studies related with the products such as hazelnut, kiwi, cherry laurel, tomato as well as economically high-qualified crops. Besides this, the Faculty of Marine Engineering with its 10 research and application labs keeps on studies related with the protection of biological creatures and contributes all kinds of scientific researches.

Modern Sport Labs at European Standart

In the European Standart Performance Labs of the university, there exists 18 varied tools which offer European standart measures. Using the equipments, a variety of measurement can be practised ; sportman isotomic muscle measurement, isotomic balance measurement, body analysing measurement, oxygen capacity measurement, aerobic and aneorobic strength measurement, multiple reaction measurement and some other test measurements. Furthermore, the vehicles and test-measuring tools help contribute the academic studies of the lecturers.

The equipped training areas to meet the needs of the qualified technicians

The 8 Vocational Education & Training Schools maintain their training activities to meet the needs of reel sector. In this sense, the VET Schools are following the cooperation with public and private sectors and trying to adapt their sectoral advancements.

Scientific Support to universities, public institutions and industries

The Central Research Laboratory equipped with qualifed scientific facilities is contuning to provide the scientific analysis to public and private sector organizations. In the Central Research Lab where the latest modern analysis apparatus exist a great deal of analysis can be offered to the organizations and institutions.

The Rector, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç stated ‘ Ordu University has global standart labs to facilitate experimental studies and the lab atmosphere in which a variety  of research and development studies are conducted are the doors opening to the world science. Starting its service with 14 labs and reaching 152 labs today, Ordu University will continue to improve and contribute to enhance its scientific network in 2019.’

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