Rector's message for 30th of August Victory Day

30th of August Victory day which proves that there is no any other power to break the existence of our  nation is not only a magnificient military success but also one of the biggest symbols of unshaken resolution, excellent willpower, love of country, excellent heroism and strong unification of Turkish Nation.

The victory acquired by superior determination during the period of national struggle is of great importance because, in spite of all impossibilities and poverty, the army, full of nation love, clasped with  the people and displayed great heroism as result of big struggle.

Supreme Military Struggle which lasted with a certain great victory took its place on the golden pages of the world history just after Turkish nation reached the honour of living in independence and freedom and displayed excellent samples of patriotism to the peoples who wish to live independently.

This glourious victory our anschestors fought for is not only a significant point in our history but also will maintain to be an inspiration source for us on the walk to stronger futures.

The Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç finished his speech '' I memorialize the great leader Atatürk, heroes and the beloved martyries who sacrificed their lives for the country with grattitude and thanksgiving.''   

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