21st Academic Informatics Conference Ended

21. Academic Informatics Conference that was hosted by our University  ended. It is hosted by different universities every year and it is hosted by our university this year. The Academic Informatics Conference ended after a seven-day two-stage program. The conference was organized with the participation of 30 companies, academicians, students, sector employees in order to introduce, discuss, share experiences and share a common policy by gathering the relevant groups on the information technologies in the universities.

The first stage of the conference was held between 9-12 February including Mustafa Akgül Özgür Software Winter Camp 2019 informatics courses and the second stage was held between 13-15 February with the participation of the sponsoring companies and stand exhibitions. It enables the participants and visitors to see, question and learn new technologies on-the-spot about the changes in the information technology sector by learning about the software or equipment they need in their institutions and working areas. In the first phase of the Academic Informatics Conference, a total of 300 participants in 35 fields of informatics were conducted with 98 instructors in 57 halls at Cumhuriyet Campus. In the second phase of the conference, which was attended by approximately 500 thousand people, in addition to the panels and concurrent scientific presentations, meetings were held in the fields of science and technology by the heads of data processing departments, heads of libraries and documentation departments, and distance education center managers.

Our rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç said: "Ordu University continues its work with the aim of being research university with the activities in the national framework such as the 21st Academic Informatics Conference. Moreover it continues its studies to obtain value added products with the scientific and technological infrastructure facilities of and to improve the information technology background. While taking steps to become a global showcase with scientific research, projects and technical studies, Ordu University closely follows related sectors. Many activities such as panels, discussions, presentations and informatics courses were held within the scope of the 21st Academic Informatics Conference aiming to create national common wisdom and common policy in the field of informatics by bringing together the scientists and the sector representatives and students in our university campus. Army University of advanced scientific infrastructure and physical facilities with Turkey's informatics vision as a basis for that important organization to host the satisfaction of all participants. I thank those who contributed all departments and stakeholders. "

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