Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç's Message for 18 March Martyrs' Commemoration and Çanakkale Victory

The Gallipoli Campaign, which shows the brotherhood law and the unity of fate, has been recorded as an indelible example of victory in the lines of history.

Çanakkale is the name of a struggle for Turkish nation’s existence that cannot be seen as an example of the independence that the struggle for the land of the motherland is defended with faith, perseverance and heroism. In this struggle of existence, even with the compassion of the enemy of all the nations who put forth a law of war, 6 thousand rounds per square meter is falling, with the crescent of the star of the star with the only word of independence, a rigid and steel wrist with the dubious predecessor. Our youth has a historical stance that will be honored by the pride and gratitude.

Our people, who support this stance with their prayers and sacrifices with high morality and great sacrifices, have a very important part in the spiritual direction of achieving the Çanakkale victory. This spirit, which the whole nation has revealed through a total struggle in unity and solidarity; Republic, which will say I am also in the race of civilizations with various difficulties, has been the spirit of light and light.

Conscious of the unique struggle of the Çanakkale Victory on the 104th anniversary of the Çanakkale Victory, where the seal of humanity, the most honorable and self-sacrificing celts of all sorts of independence, tenacity and fidelity, has been revealed to the human history, the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades-in-arms all have died. and remember the veterans with mercy and gratitude.

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