New students take part in the first step to university life through orientation programme

The Rector, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç rallied with the students in the seminar organized for the orientation programme of the first year students registered in education year, 2018-2019.


Along with the Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç, academic and administrative personnel and the first year students of the faculties, VET schools have taken part in the training programme held in the hall of medical faculty. The seminar held for the purpose of contributing to the process which aims at the new registered students to get into university life and creat a sense of belonging lasted for 3 days. During the programme, general evaluations concerning orientation process have been made and the problems and solutions the students may face have been told.  


The officials from the Department of Health, Culture and Sport have enlightened about cultural and sportive activities, nourishment services, psychological consultancy service, students’ clubs, automation system and students’ mobile application.


In addition, the officials from the Department of Library and Documantation have given information about the services such as library collection, catalogue scanning, borrowing books and distant education sysyem.


The Rector, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç : Universities are in fact a culture given to humanity and its region

The Rector , Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç said ‘’ The orientation programme has been organized to meet the new students who registered to Ordu University in the education year 2018-2019 and inform them about university and the city and provide them a university culture because universities are in fact a culture given to humanity and its region. You will make a variety of contributions to Ordu from your own towns and be sure that Ordu will do the same to you.’’

The Rector continued his speech saying ‘’Youngsters, Ordu University is one of the leading universities in Turkey and aims at making contributions in a variety of fields with its modern campus, qualified acamecians and administrative staff to the city in which it exists. Since the establisment Ordu University has maintained the targets which aims at producing and transmitting scientific knowledge and extending the visions of the students and training scientifically equiped people in our country. We really have always been in efford to prepare the students to be the best with all facilities. We have also followed the latest improvements and advancements in the field of Higher Education and carried out sample applications.’’

The Rector Yarılgaç also added ‘’ You will participate in the equipped classrooms, labs, practice facilities of the university and reach the atmosphere to improve yourselves and catch the opportunities to contribute the scientific and social richness of the university and take great steps to your future lives. You will exclusively have education through weII-qualified and planned structure present at ODU and get the chance to study in exchange programmes. I definitely believe that you, who come from different towns of Anatolia and prefer to study at Ordu University will spend a peaceful and happy life here in Ordu.

Dear Friends, regardless of your ideologies, beliefs, life philosophies, you are a part of Ordu Universty. We, as the university administration, wish our students to live under the roof of Ordu University in a peaceful and confident environment.

Dear students, I would also like to say a word that coming to school, having lessons and feeling happy at distant from home will not benefit you. We hope that you will hava a researcher identification, a reader and offer contributions to production in all areas of the life. You never stop with a four-year or two-year education. It is of great importance to complete the education process about your programmes and departments. You should plan your education life with this consciousness.

Hereby, I welcome the new students to Ordu University Family and wish the new education year to be excellent for both the students and our university.’’ 

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