Opening of The Interactive Mobile Exhibition

The first interactive mobile exhibition which was organized by the Preschool Department of the Faculty of Education of our university was opened in Ordu.
Vice Rector Prof.Dr. Tevfik Noyan, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education Prof. Dr. Sadık Kılıç, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Prof. Dr. Öznur Ergen Akçin, Dean of the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts Sabri Yener and academic and administrative staff attended to the exhibition opened in the garden of the Faculty of Education, as well as students and guests.
It was informed that the materials used in the open area within the framework of the activity organized within the scope of material development course aiming the  interaction of children aged 3-6 with those educational materials supported children's mental, physical, social-emotional, language development and self-care skills and that it is aimed to reach more children, families and teachers at different points in Ordu. 
Vice Rector Prof.Dr. Tevfik Noyan emphasized the importance of the first exhibition in Ordu and added, “With these activities, our university increases social awareness and strengthens the social motivation of students and children. It is also very meaningful that this exhibition, which is important for the healthy realization of the social and mental development of our children who are the guarantee of tomorrow, is also a pioneer. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who contributed to the opening of this exhibition by giving the effort and awareness in our Preschool Department students of Ordu University Faculty of Education.”


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