Social Responsibility Example from Sociology Club

     The Sociology Club of the University provided stationary and clothing aid to Gürgentepe Şehit Ersin Şanlı İmam Hatip Secondary School and Cumhuriyet Secondary School in Gürgentepe as an example of social responsibility.
     Sociology Club members stated that any kind of support to be given to children is a contribution to the future of the country and they showed an important example of social responsibility with the support of Ordu University, sponsors and sensitive students.
The members of the club said that the aim of the club was to bring together the ones who help with those who are in need and to contribute to the continuation of their education processes by creating a university image in the minds of the children and thanked everyone who contributed to the event.
     Rector of the university Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan met the students before the members went to Gürgentepe for the help and mentioned, “In addition to scientific activities, universities have social responsibilities in many areas such as being sensitive to social issues, producing remedies and developing solutions. In this context, our Sociology Club has made an important contribution to our children who are the guarantee of our future with the exemplary social responsibility study. I would like to thank the faculty member and  the club's academic advisor Asst. Prof. Dr. Murat Yüksel, our students and the stakeholders who supported this social responsibility project due to their social responsibility work."


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