The University of Ordu proceeds to improve its technological infrastructure

A presentation about infrastructural works of information and communication technologies has been introduced to the Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç by the Department of Information and Technology. The network of Ordu University has been renewed and standardized through software and hardware works by the IT Department since 2017.

Having a globally security firewall , the University of Ordu has already renewed the network management and automation systems as well as fast communication systems in all units.

In addition, a network management structure has been formed and an easier management system has been created.

Technological infrastructure works for the year 2018 have been presented and a system room planned to be set up according to 2017 Information Security Management Standarts has been an important topic at the meeting.

It has also been explained that the works aiming at evolving of virtualization facilities to intervene the system in case of emergency such as smog and flooding following the room temperature and checking the heat and humid values and sending sms or e-mails to responsible staff. In addition to all these services it has also been pointed out that webpages to students' clubs have been formed.

The Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç has made an evaluation of the works and said '' We are aware that Ordu University should closely follow te advances in IT to place among the leading universities in the world. For this purpose, we are proceeding the works to use IC technologies in an efficient and productive way. As the university administration we are constantly in process of following the advancements of information technologies and renewing the system to be among the other universities. Furthermore, technological studies are in a growing stage to meet the needs of scientific and administrative services at ODU.''

The Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç ended his speech '' We will maintain to invest on information technologies,  thus , we will both add new advancements and take Ordu University further through high-qualified and broad-visioned projects. ''

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