The Visit toTurkish Embassy in Lisbon and Turkish Investors in Portugal by Rector Yarılgaç

Rector of our university Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç visited Turkish Embassy in Lisbon and Turkish investors in Portugal.
During his visit to Embassy, Yıldırım Holding Company and Global Ports Company which operate in Portugal in coolaboration with the Embassy, Assoc.Prof. Nihat Sezer Sabahat from Faculty of Fine Arts and Asst.Prof. Nihan Şenbursa from Fatsa Faculty of Marine Sciences accompanied to the Rector.
The delegation of our university was welcomed by Charge D'affaires Zeynep Kaleli and Undersecretary Gülçin Erdem in the visit to Turkish Embassy in Lisbon. During the visit which Rector Yarılgaç explained the development of Ordu University, Charge D'affaires Zeynep Kaleli told there are nearly 600 Turkish citizens living in Portugal, the students settled in the country in order to work after Erasmus education and  thatTurkish investors increasingly began to invest in Portugal, at the same time.
At the time of visit to Liscont Container Terminal invested by Yildirim Holding in 2016, Terminal General Manager Carlos Santos and Global Operations Manager Grant Noades gave an introductory presentation on terminal and operations.
During the visit to Global Ports Lisbon Cruise Terminal, Ricardo Ferreira, General Manager of Lisbon Cruise Port told that they are a new terminal, the terminal was built according to the comfort of the terminal cruise passengers and  that almost 7 thousand passengers were hosted per day.
Afterwards, Rector Yarılgaç and the accompanying delegation made inspections at the terminal while TUI m/c Marella Dream, Carnival Costa Favolosa, the Silver Cloud Silversea Cruise ships were moored.
After the interviews, Rector Yarılgaç exchanged ideas about  providing job and internship opportunities to our students who have a good command of foreign language with both firms.
Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç stated that the University of Ordu has established partnerships and collaborations, and strengthened its academic infrastructure in the international field and added, “In addition to its national collaborations, our university also establishes partnerships with many universities and institutions on scientific grounds. Within the framework of these partnerships, the accessibility and the socialization of the scientific knowledge they need to shape the careers of our academic staff and students constitute our main goal. Within the framework of our visits in Portugal, we have had the opportunity to examine the work areas of our university students on the job sites where they can direct themselves at the point of their career planning by evaluating the job and internship opportunities by the help of the dialogues with both the Turkish Embassy and Yıldırım Holding and Global Ports. On this occasion, I would like to extend my thanks to the company executives, especially the managers of the Embassy, where we have consulted on cooperation, and I hope that our negotiations will bring good results for our university.


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