Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç’s celebration message for 10 January Day of Working Journalists

The press, which provides right to demand information with the support of the public in every circumstance; is one of the basic elements of democracy in terms of being an important and effective supervisory body. Journalism is to enlighten the public in every hour of the day, in pursuit of news, under difficult circumstances and in a sense of responsibility, in light of the events that develop our society, while fulfilling an important public duty reflecting the demands and expectations of our citizens.

Journalists in the use of freedom of communication and communication freedom, which is guaranteed under the law, freedom of expression and dissemination of thought; accurate and reliable news, objective, personal life and respect for personal rights. At the same time, the press employees who are in charge of the bridge between the state and the people at the point of getting information, are at the same time making everyone think their own ideas easily and comfortably, and to become functional with all the rules and institutions of a contemporary and open society.

It is very important for the press to be constructive and prudent in all matters, especially national issues, in terms of the stability of the nation's wartime office and the strengthening of our democracy. I believe that our journalists will continue to play a positive role in contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of our country and our country with this responsibility they have.

I would like to congratulate the valuable journalists on January 10, working journalists' day, who informed the public in the direction of ethics and fulfilled important responsibilities by expressing the demands and expectations of the society.

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