Our University Hospitals Continue to Increase Service Quality in the Field of Health

Ordu University Hospitals, which are the important addresses of Ordu and the Black Sea Region in the field of health, continue to respond to patient needs with the health services it offers. In this context, more than 700 thousand patients in the Ministry of Health ODÜ Training and Research Hospital and Obstetrics and Children's Hospital in 2019, and nearly 100 thousand patients in the Faculty of Dentistry were served.

The Ministry of Health ODÜ Training and Research Hospital and Maternity and Children's Hospital, which aims to provide qualified health services, continues to meet the health services needed in the region with its specialist doctors and experienced health personnel. In this context, 20 thousand 150 patients were treated inpatient and 12 thousand 733 surgeries were performed in these hospitals, where a total of 703 thousand 373 patients applied in 2019.

In the field of oral and dental health, 98 thousand 265 patients applied to the Faculty of Dentistry, which continues to provide services to patients from both Ordu and neighboring provinces in an area equipped with the latest technological systems. In the Faculty of Dentistry, where 4 thousand 194 surgical procedures were performed, 158 patients were hospitalized.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan said, “Universities are the institutions that adopt the principle of contributing to the development of society and development of the country as well as the transfer of knowledge, skills and experiences together with education, training and research. Our University Faculty of Dentistry, Education and Research and Maternity and Children's Hospitals, which continue their works with a public-oriented service approach, continue to work intensely to provide the best service to our people in order to provide adequate health services to the ever-increasing need. Following the latest technological developments, our university, which has adopted the principle of providing a solution-oriented health service with both polyclinic services and surgical procedures, will continue to train competent physicians in its field and meet a significant part of the health need in our province and our region within the framework of public health. I would like to thank all our staff working in the hospitals of our University for their devoted work with these thoughts. ”

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