ODU continues to work studies on global scale

ODU continues to work studies on global scale

The 7th Annual meeting of The Consortium of Asian Silkroad Universities (ESRUC) was held in the capital city Jordan, Amman hosted by the Princess Sumaya University for Technology. The Rector of Ordu University, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç and The Vice-Rector, Prof Dr Fikri Balta joined the meeting.

At the meeting a great deal of participants among whom the Turkish Ambassador of Amman, Murat Karagöz, the Minister of Jordan Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr Adel Tweisis and academicians from many different countries such as Turkey, Jordan, Afganistan, Pakistan, China, India, Malesia and Italy were present. Ordu University has held its place at the meeing among cooperations to be signed to improve the scientific, technological, socio-economic relations and share the academic facilities.

ODU increases its scientific and cultural recognition

At the meeting-ESRUC where Ohio University from the USA, the Management Institute of Canada from Canada, Guangzhou University from China, KIIT University from India, the University of Tabriz from Iran, the University of Padua from Italy and Daghestan State University from Russia –all global universities- took part and Ordu University held its participation as one of 50 universities from Turkey and continued introductory activities on occasion.

A Protocol signed between Ordu University and Palestanian Al-Quasimi University

After the meeting, ESRUC was over, the Rectors leaded by Atatürk University paid a visit to Jeruselam (Kudüs) University and carried out a variety of activities and held talks to improve the academic relations. The Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç signed an agreement with the Rector Bashar Saad. Prof Saad also stated that they felt very close friendship with the visit and thanked the Rector Yarılgaç. The Rector, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç talked about strategic and global scaled meetings held in the framework of Asian Silkroad Universities Consortium. The Rector Yarılgaç said ‘’ As Ordu University keeping the vision of international scientific institution, we continue to raise the recognition of Ordu University and set up new cooperations in Europe and Islamic countries as well. In this sense , ESRUC in which a variety of protocols to expand the relations for the purpose of academicians and students exchange, schoolarships and sharing of technical and academic facilities is of great importance. We mainly focus on establishing common partnerships in the field of Higher Education and Networking among universities, providing common degrees, which will contribute the scientific lives in whole countries.’’ The Rector, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç also added that ‘’Forming a common system in higher education among Islamic universities as a part of European higher education field will contribute both our country and Ordu University. In this scope, the meetings held here will also support to create stronger infrastructure to reach the further developments.’’ The Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç ended his speech saying that ‘’ The agreements signed with Al-Quasimi University are of great importance in respect of globalization of Ordu University and the agreements containing the exchange of academicians and students and staff training will provide positive results.’’

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