“Great Loss of Centuries: Women” Conference Held in our University

      Within the scope of "November 25, Day of Fight Against Violence Against Women", Prof.Dr. Dr. Sadık Kılıç organized a conference.
      Rector of our University Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan, Ordu Tax Court President Ersin Körpınar, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Tahsin Tonkaz, Dean of the Faculty of Education Prof. Dr. Sadık Kılıç, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Prof. Dr. Öznur Ergen Akçin, Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Erbil, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts Prof. Dr. Zekai Tarakçı, Ordu Mufti Mürsel Öztürk, academic and administrative staff, as well as students and guests attended the program held in Music and Performing Arts conference hall.
      The opening speech of the program was made by the Director of Gender Research and Application Center Asst. Prof. Dr. Nalan Arabacı. She explained, “The aim of the universities is to provide educated professional staff to the society in various fields, as well as to educate generations who have adopted the aim of living in harmony with the society and living in peace. In this sense, both our university and our center will continue their efforts to combat violence against women and create social awareness through similar social cultural artistic and scientific activities.” 
      Rector Prof. Dr Ali Akdoğan stated, “We are people, especially our women, of a belief, a worldview, a civilization and a world of values that love the created because of the creator who respects human beings, living beings and the universe. When you look at the countries that claim to be developed and contemporary today, it is obvious that they fail about women's rights. Our belief has destroyed the dark thought that treats women and girls in the second class, an understanding in which girls are buried alive, and has advised us to build a civilization that treats women with honour. One of the most important tasks for us is to value our precious women and girls and show them great respect.”
      After the opening speech, Prof. Dr. Sadık Kılıç informed the audience about the place and position of women in Islam by mentioning the grievances that women have experienced in different civilizations and cultures throughout history. He added, “When we look at the events in our history, if a balance was observed in the predominantly formed social conditions and women could come to the forefront, our society would be much more beautiful and more human.”
      After the conference, the President of Ordu Tax Court Ersin Körpınar and the Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan presented a certificate of thanks and flowers to Sadık Kılıç.


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