The Ship '' Piri Reis'' at ODU

The Ship '' Piri Reis'' at ODU

The school ship ''Piri Reis'' being in the in the service of Piri Reis University to contribute the development of Maritime Education has anchored the harbour of the Fatsa Faculty of Marine Sciences, Ordu University.

The Rector, Prof Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç accompanying with the Rector of Piri Reis University, Prof Dr Oral Erdoğan , the Dean of the Fatsa Faculty of Marine Sciences, Prof Dr Bahar Tokur, the Head of Fatsa VET School, Associate Professor Dr Yılmaz Çiftçi, the Head of Piri Reis VET School, Dr Nazmi Çeşmeli and some other academicians and the students visited The Ship anchored the harbour  for the purpose of developing education and training experiences and increasing the dual academic relations between the two universities.

The Rector, Prof Dr Yarılgaç and the Rector, Prof Dr Erdoğan, after examining the school ship, which has a size of 127.59 m, 10.870 tone deplation and 18,5 knot speed and a capacity of 540 passengers had breakfast and spent time talking with the students.

The Cooperation between Ordu University and Piri Reis University  

During the visit, a protocol between the two universities was signed to improve the cooperation in the framework of researching and educational activities. The protocol to provide the development of relations among the academicians and the students at both parties and publish the results of the researches aims at sharing the experiences in a variety of fields  containing scientific, cultural and sportive activities as well.

Besides, the protocol will certainly rise the gains in both national and international marine researches performed by Fatsa Faculty of Marine Sciences. The Rector of Piri Reis University, Prof Dr. Oral Erdoğan made a speech about the importance of visit carried out by the two universities and went out his speech. ''  Welcome to the practice-purposed ship.'' The ship which was originally named Ankara was purchased by Piri Reis University  fromTurkish Maritime Foundation and introduced to the service of the students. It is a great honour to welcome the Rector, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç and sign the protocol aiming at improving the cooperation between our universties.    

The Rector, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç made a speech at the meeting and said '' Firstl I would like to say ''Welcome''  you and the ship team and the students. Piri Reis University offers a great deal of opportunities in professional means to the students providing that size training and travelling lasting so long. That kind of practice model prepares the students into real life. In this respect I congratulate the whole Piri Reis University in the honour of the Rector , Prof Dr Oral Erdoğan.

We ,as Ordu University, aim at running in the framework of national and international qualities and reaching the peak and being recognized in the region. I sincerely thank the Rector Prof Dr Oral Erdoğan and his team for offering the opportunity of developing cooperation between the two universities and wish the protocal signed today to open the advancements in the future.

After the talks, the Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç signed ''the Diary'' and presented a plaque. In the following session of the programme, the participants and the Rectors visited the Fatsa Faculty of Marine Sciences and examined the equipments used in naval field.

The Cooperation continued with the Seminar of ''Capital Market and Turkish Economy''

Studied the master and doctorate programme in business engineering and also being one of the significant scientists in financial field, the Rector of Piri Reis University, Prof Dr Oral Erdoğan shared his experiences presenting a seminar titled ''Capital Market and Turkish Economy'' in Ünye Faculty of Administraive Sciences to the lecturers and participants.

The Professor Erdoğan underlined that Turkish Economy should proceed the base of import and export balance  and added that '' Civilization means wishing piece'' ''Welfare rise never brings civilization'' However, the approaches aiming at civilization and peace bring prosperity . There seems too many examples of this motto in history. The Sultan Conquerer Mehmet and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk always focused on civilization and peace.'' ''Today seeking of more happiness and welfare haul the countries into stress and economical problems. Working hard and being honest is the key of both civilization and a successful economy.''

At the end of the seminar, the Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç and the Dean of Ünye Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Prof Dr Sadık Kılıç introduced their thanks to Prof Dr Erdoğan.

After the ceremony, The Rectors moved to Cumhuriyet Campus and the Rector Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç delivered the presents to the Rector, Prof Dr Oral Erdoğan. 

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