UNI-DOKAP Rectors Condemn the Idlib Attack

The rectors of universities within the Eastern Black Sea Region Regional Development Administration University Association (UNI-DOKAP) condemned the attack on Mehmetçik in Idlib, Syria.

The Rectors of Amasya, Artvin Çoruh, Eurasia, Bayburt, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Karadeniz Teknik, Ondokuz Mayıs, Ordu, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Samsun, Sinop, Gaziosmanpaşa Universities issued a common condemnation message about the airstrikes organized by regime elements in Idlib. Expressing that the martyrs of the martyrs who died for the sake of the indivisible integrity of the nation hurt their hearts, ÜNİ-DOKAP rectors noted that all kinds of words, actions and explanations that support the terrorist organization push the tolerance limits.

Following the joint message published by UNI-DOKAP rectors, the following views were stated: “We, as the heirs of an ancient and deep-rooted civilization, are against all kinds of hostile operations on our country. Our country, which has passed through critical periods, will come out today, just as its forehead has come from every difficult process it has experienced. But obviously these outbreaks did not take into account the sacrifice of our necip and the epic struggle that our nation faces in the face of difficulties. No doubt that we will protect the survival of our cherished nation that has existed for centuries with the spirit of fighting on these lands. As the Union of Universities of the Eastern Black Sea Region Regional Development Administration (UNI-DOKAP), mercy from Almighty Allah to our soldiers martyred by the treacherous attack of the regime forces in Idlib, Syria; We extend our condolences to their relatives and wish our soldiers urgent healing. We condemn this low and unfounded attack on our country and our soldiers.

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