Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç’s Message on 14 March Doctor’s Day

Our country closely follows the latest innovations and technologies in the field of medical education and healthcare services and applies them successfully. This achievement has come to this day with the joint efforts of our well-established educational institutions, our knowledge and experience-free, public and private sector management and business skills. Scientists and physicians’ contributions to medical science with successful studies both in our country and in various countries of the world increase the prestige of our country. Our valued physicians, who have gained the trust and appreciation of these successful and devoted studies all over the world, fulfill a very important mission in protecting the most basic human right 'the right to live'.

The quality of community health and the happy life of the individuals depend on the smooth running of health services. Individuals who are healthy both physically and spiritually can contribute to the development of social welfare. First of all, in today's world where people's understanding is adopted, everyone is able to benefit from effective and quality health care services is a prerequisite for the quality of a qualified society.

I congratulate 14 March Doctor’s Day of our healthcare workers, especially our doctors, who perform this divine and honourable profession with great self-sacrifice.

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