The rise in the number of the laboratories at Ordu University


Ordu University is carrying out its research activities by improving its available laboratory equipment and setting up new laboratories in line with the requirements. The number of the laboratory has risen from 13 to 140 since the establishment of the university.

Our university has been working intensely to maintain education and training activities in places equipped with opportunities necessary for contemporary education system. It has been carrying out scientific researches and projects on national and international level with its laboratories. Ordu University maintains its services provided for the benefit of society by training personnel who can assume responsibilities in each phase of development process. Moreover, our university makes a name for itself with the operations, carried out in its own laboratories, and health services provided for the region. It also offers services to protect mouth and dental health of society in laboratories equipped with the most developed method and techniques.

Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, the Rector of Ordu University, stated that the university is carrying out its scientific studies with 140 technologically developed laboratories and research centres. The Rector stressed out that the number of the laboratories has risen from 13 to 140 and main responsibility of the university is to produce information in parallel with research and education. Our country takes part in strong technological competition in the world with its all private, public and especially educational institutions. Our university has improved significantly since its establishment. With the increasing number of laboratories, the interior equipment has been completed. The university supplies the expenses of these costly studies with the circulating capital. The university is globalized and our city, Ordu, has gained a worldwide reputation through the academic studies. Moreover, our laboratories present a valuable source for undergraduate and postgraduate students. All these technically improved laboratories offer service for 24 hours. The rector stated that “As the university administration, we designed the laboratories in regard to the study and research areas of not only for undergraduate students but also for the postgraduate students. As a result of this, the number of Phd students has increased 92, 8 times and postgraduate students 80 times.”



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