ODU Provides International Infrastructure with its Laboratories

Our university which has been conducting many projects both nationally and internationally by establishing new laboratories in the required fields in accordance with the needs of academic units and increasing the equipment of the existing laboratories hosted the scientists from Tlemcen, Algeria.
Our university which has been working extensively in order to maintain the educational activities in all places with modern facilities by increasing the number of laboratories from 13 to 140 continues to provide services for the benefit of the society through scientific researches conducting scientific research and projects at regional, national and international level with its laboratories while educating staff who can take on effective tasks and responsibilities at every stage of research and development processes. 
In addition, Ordu University Center Research Laboratory (ODUMARAL) carries out the analyzes required by research and development stages of universities, public and private institutions with its experienced and expert staff, equipped and qualified laboratory facilities. In this context, our university, conducting many projects both nationally and internationally, hosted the scientists from Tlemcen city of Algeria providing the infrastructure for the researches needed by the researchers.

Our University Hosted Algerian Researchers
Fouad Guenfoud and Imane Belfilali from the Faculty of Science at Tlemcen Aboubekr Belkaid University, carried out studies  at the Central Research Laboratory and Chemistry Department, Electrochemistry Research Laboratory under the leadership of Dr. Lecturer Mutlu Sönmez Çelebi.
Fouad Guenfoud and Imane Belfilali benefited from the technical equipment of the laboratories of Ordu University in order to characterize the nanomaterials they have prepared in their universities. Algerian researchers carried out corrosion tests and structural analyzes of samples at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Chemistry and in the Central Research Laboratory of Ordu University (ODUMARAL), they performed SEM imaging and elemental analysis. With these studies, a collaboration was initiated between the research groups at both universities and joint studies are being planned in the near future.
Underlining that the scientists from Tlemcen city of Algeria conducted research at our university laboratories  shows the fact that Ordu University has significant experimental infrastructure capabilities on a global scale, Ordu University Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç explained,  “ Ordu University acts with a university mission as a global citizen and carries out joint studies with many universities from different geographies of the world. Our university has been carrying out important scientific studies with its academicians to carry out joint researches with different universities and with scientists from other universities. Ordu University has a significant contribution to the world of science in the development of universal knowledge with its technologically advanced substructure, methodological facilities for research and development of original studies. Undoubtedly, researchers from Algeria who come to our university will also provide important innovations to the literature through their analysis in our laboratories.”

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