Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç's Ramadan Feast Celebration Message

I wish a happy Ramadan Feast to all with the feelings and emotions of abundance, peaceful living experience, mercy, forgiveness. We have finished Ramadan by completing tolerance, sharing and strengthening the strength of our hope to live in peace together.

It is an exceptional day with celebrations, religious and national sentiments as well as a separate prescription in community spirit that encourages us to make good friends, brings people together and brings them together in common payday, and enables deep breathing of societies and individuals into the climate of brotherhood. It is for this reason that it is our common responsibility to move the values ??of our nation and our nation from its long history and rich culture to the future. To evaluate the meaningful days in which the goodness and beauty are sprouting, knowing the opportunity of peace, peace and brotherhood brought by the holidays, in accordance with its spirit; we must take care to ensure that the feast of happiness is enduring, leaving all resentment and resentment to one side.

With this emotion and thought  I wish a happy Ramadan Feast to all mankind. I congratulate Ramadan Feast of my nationality and the whole Islamic world with my best wishes.

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