Ordu University 13 Years Old

Ordu University 13 Years Old

Our university, which started education activities with 4 thousand 400 students on 17 March 2006, has 3 institutes, 12 faculties, 2 high school and 10 vocational schools in the last 13 years with 737 academic and 337 administrative staff, 317 permanent workers, 12 contracted personnel; graduate, undergraduate and pre-license students with an approach of 23 thousand is continuing its qualified growth.


90-fold Increase in Graduate Education

Our university, which has been able to produce innovative ideas in the fields of graduate programs with the help of its graduate programs, has a leading role in raising the number of students who have analytical thinking and multi-faceted individuals in education, 90-fold increase. Moreover, the number of associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate programs was 39 in 2006 and this number increased to 4.1 percent with a 4.1-fold increase.

11-fold Increase in Research Substructure and Increasing Scientific Research Projects

In our university, The number of research, health, education laboratories and workshops, which were 14 in the years of establishment, reached to 152 by the year 2019 and increased by 11 times that have been continuing to provide services for the benefit of society through scientific research carried out by educating qualified staff in every stage of research and development processes. 

Its aim is to contribute to the academic success of the university by providing financial support especially for scientific research and dissertation projects. Since its establishment in 2012, Scientific Research Projects Unit has been carrying out close to 2 thousand research, thesis, infrastructure and scientific activities. support was given.

Developing projects that will provide high added value to our country since its establishment in 2006, our University has been carrying out projects to strengthen the university-industry cooperation with TÜBİTAK, SAN-TEZ, DOKAP, European Union and special agreements within the scope of externally supported research projects as well as Scientific Research Projects (BAP). 32 TÜBİTAK, 1 SAN-TEZ, 4 DOKAP, 5 European Union and 2 ÇAYKUR projects in the last eight years.

Open Area reaching 1 million 447 thousand square meters

Our university, which is moving rapidly towards becoming a university of the future, has not only increased its scientific area but also a great distance in the physical field. Our university, which has an open area of approximately 1 million 447 thousand 166 square meters and closed area of 149 thousand 818 square meters, continues its quantitative growth with the building of Emin Çetinceviz Central Library, Düriye Çetinceviz Preschool Education Center, Faculty of Dentistry and Rectorate service building completed.

Increased Service Quality in Health

The number of patients admitted to the MoH-Ordu University Training and Research Hospital since 2010 when it was established was 3.6, the number of inpatients was 3.1, and the number of patients undergoing surgery increased by 4.5 times. In 2018, a total of 699 thousand 315 patients were provided polyclinic services and 16 thousand 557 surgeries were performed in a total of 20 thousand 768 patients who were hospitalized in Education and Research Hospital and Maternity and Children Hospital. The number of investigations in hospitals last year reached 4 million 450 thousand 714 in numbers.

In 2012, 14 thousand 44 patients were admitted to the Faculty of Dentistry in 2018, 80 thousand patients were admitted, more than 5.5 times, the number of patients treated 4.2 times, the number of surgical procedures 7.8 times increased.

Success Chart According to National and International Assessment Organizations

Our University despite the short history of great strides and has made its name with the work performed, Turkey University Satisfaction Survey (Tuma) 2018 report based on the results of its place among the general satisfaction ranking of 109 public universities for undergraduate students in the 51st this year, ordinary 41st as moved.

Moreover, in the ranking of URAP 2019, which helped universities to compare their academic performances with other universities and to be aware of the openness of universities to be developed according to the determined criteria, the University took the 72th place among 109 public universities and 26th among the 86 universities established after 2000.

In addition, according to the 2019 State Universities and Faculties List (DÜS) report that evaluated the academic encouragement performances, our university ranked 69th among 116 state universities and its place on the academic promotion card has been higher every year.

At the point where Ordu University started its academic journey on March 17, 2006, the Rector stated that he continued his progress in a strong and bright manner both in national and international channels. Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç said, ‘‘Since the day we were founded, we have carried out our works based on a modern progress focused on mind, science and society. Ordu University, which draws a road map with the awareness of its contribution to the region and national development, except that universities are only an education and training center, while building a model campus by constructing modern and innovative physical spaces with high quality of life, it has connected with many leading universities in the world with publications, projects and R & D studies that enrich the global science literature. Our university has been continuing its dynamic, contemporary and progressive understanding for 13 years with its national and international scientific partnerships, scientific developments, culture and art organizations, will continue to contribute to the geography and global science art field with its principle of scientificity combining free mind and community-oriented conscience. With these feelings and thoughts, I would like to express my gratitude to the state bureaucrats, academic and administrative stakeholders and students for their efforts in the advance of Ordu University, I congratulate the 13th anniversary of our university's foundation.’’



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