ODU Supports University-Industry Cooperation with Technology Transfer Office

Rector of Ordu University Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç stated that Ordu University has been carrying out activities to increase the scientific efficiency of our country at every national and international level, in his interview with the İHA correspondent.

Scientific Research Projects

Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç underlined the fact that universities, whose main function is research and education, should use the knowledge in a practical way and cooperate with the industry that transforms them into products. One of the essential duties falling to universities for the strong and sustainable growth of our country is the cooperation that will be realized between the university and the industry. From this point of view, as Ordu University, we have been trying to develop projects that will provide high added value to our country since our establishment in 2006. In addition to the Scientific Research Projects (BAP) unit within the body of our university, within the scope of externally supported research projects, we produce projects to strengthen university-industry cooperation with TÜBİTAK, SAN-TEZ, DOKAP, European Union and special agreements. In this context, 32 TÜBİTAK, 1 SAN-TEZ, 4 DOKAP, 5 European Union and 2 ÇAYKUR projects were realized in our university in the last eight years.

Support to the Regional Industry with Technology Transfer Office

Technology Transfer Office established by Ordu University (ODÜ-TTO) to organize projects in university-industry cooperation, to transfer the knowledge produced in the university to the industry and to commercialize it, to provide an Ar-Ge (research and develop) and innovation ecosystem especially at the regional level, to provide services for beneficiaries of national and international funding sources, students and industrial organizations, internal and external to organize national and international project preparation trainings for stakeholders; to support Ar-Ge projects in academic-industry partnership; to support Ar-Ge innovation, technology transfer, patenting / licensing and commercialization in the process from idea stage to project, prototype and product stage. contribute to the establishment and development of the entrepreneurship and corporatization ecosystem in the institution and in the region, and to promote, manage and commercialize intellectual and industrial property rights. We aim to contribute to the national development of our country and the region by supporting and encouraging entrepreneurial activities of the students, students and academicians by sharing and disseminating its central activities with the actors in the city and region.

Emphasizing the importance of having a leading technology and innovation centers in order to become a country capable of producing its own technology, Rector Yarılgaç said that universities that leave the information obtained by research to the industry for its application and turn the results obtained by the industry into re-education; while providing benefits such as access to research funds, access to research funds, providing internships and other relevant opportunities for students, while access to complex technological knowledge, access to highly equipped scientific / technical workforce, rapid access to highly qualified scientific / technical workforce. In this way, there are many opportunities such as achieving technological progress, the ability to use the facilities of the university and the training of technical personnel in the industry. To be a concrete interface for an effective and sustainable university industry cooperation, to create new investment opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovative technologies by continuously improving the investment climate within the region, by providing qualified employment opportunities, and to be established to attract researcher and quality work force to the region. We believe that it will provide significant benefits to the region and the country's economy.

Scientific Infrastructure for Universities, Public Institutions and Industrialists

As of 2019, the number of research, health, training laboratories and workshops in Ordu University, which continue to provide services for the benefit of the society through scientific researches, have increased by 11 times. However, it continues to provide the scientific support needed by universities, public institutions and industrialists in the national and international field with the Central Research Laboratory.

Rector Yarılgaç emphasized that laboratory environments where research and development activities are carried out are the door of universities to the world science. Current research substructures are carried out with the activities of Ordu University for university-industry cooperation.

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