ODÜ Provides Scientific Qualities to the Region with Sports Fields

Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç examined the School of Physical Education and Sports’ fitness room and performance laboratory.

Cardio, fitness and weighted force studies are conducted in the fitness room of our university, which is equipped with highly modern devices and continues to provide 200 academic, administrative personnel and students per month. The fitness room, which is open every day on weekdays, provides services to academic and administrative personnel as well as students and people coming from outside. Monthly average 200 people come to the lounge, which serves as female session and a mixed session from 09:00 to 21:00 hours are 20 people do sport at every session.

Physical Education and Sports Performance Laboratory, which is one of the most advanced laboratories in both Turkey and Black Sea Region has the latest technology, performance measurement devices used in the field of sports science and modern design in accordance with the European standards. The performance of athletes such as aerobic capacity (maximum oxygen consumption), aerobic power, anaerobic power, blood lactate, isokinetic force and balance, visual and auditory reaction, body mass index, movement analysis and performance measurement in hypoxic environment (hypoxia environment) tests are performed. The performance laboratory is actively used in the courses of undergraduate students, in thesis studies of graduate students, in the scientific studies of non-high academic staff, in the performance of athletes of sports clubs in our province and in our region.

Rector Professor Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç examined the fitness room and performance laboratory and said that: "With the fitness room and the performance laboratory of our university, which has advanced to every level of the sport and develops physical skills and appeals to sports students of all ages with appropriate sports environment, it contributes to the development of the students in terms of both theoretical and practical aspects. In the fitness room which carries the training and application possibilities one step further with the exercise and sports fields where the professional equipment are located, in addition to the students, academic and administrative staff of our university and the people who are from outside of the institution are also served. Furthermore, new performance test and measurement devices have been added to the performance laboratory equipped with the latest system equipment. Our aim is to bring Ordu University to the top of every field with such studies. We are continuing our efforts without stopping for this purpose”.

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