ODU Medical Faculty is the 1st one in the 2017 TUS Autumn Exam

According to the autumn evaluation report of 2017 Examination for Profession in Medicine (TUS) that was published in the website of OSYM (Student Selection and Placement Centre), Ordu University Medical Faculty graduates ranked in the first line  with 42.86% settlement rate.

Ordu University Medicine Faculty includes 180 girls (12 of the are foreing people) totally 359 medical candidate doctors and 23 research officers, including 179 men continue their education in medical expertise. Faculty of Medicine was the first among a total of 69 Faculty of Medicine in general in Turkey.

Candidates should be able to recognize the basic concepts, principles and methods in medicine and to understand these concepts, principles and methods and to measure their ability to apply them to certain situations, and to participate in the Clinical Science Test (TTBT), which consists of 120 multiple- From the Medical Sciences Test (TKTT) The University of Tukey Medical School in TUS has brought together the theory and practice, revealing that it is at the top level of quick decision making within the basic concepts, principles and methods of medicine.

The deputy dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Tevfik Noyan makes a statement regarding the high success rate and said that the great achievement of the first year graduates of the Faculty of Medicine of our university is a great source of pride for them. "The main purpose of the faculty education is to support health education, especially medical education and envy specialist education, is to train doctors who move in the light. In fact, medical education should not focus on TUS success, but it is very important as the main outcome of the success of teaching and education. I would like to thank all the faculty members who have contributed to this achievement, especially graduate doctors who have achieved this achievement, and wish this success to continue.

Ordu University's health services education and the delivery of these services at the point of delivering the fruits of the work of the university has started to give the fruits of the University. Rector Professor. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç stated that "The first university student in 2011, the University of Medicine, the medical school of our students without having to send their students to another university in the organization has established. From this period onwards, it has become clear that studies carried out in our Faculty of Medicine and Research Hospital have shown that significant distances have been added to the solution of health problems in our region and that the rates of referral to other areas have decreased significantly. In our hospital, only 4 million patients were examined last year and the number of patients who applied to our hospital from 2010 until today is 3,6; the number of inpatients was 3.1; the number of operations has increased by 4.5 times. We have made great efforts to educate our students as physicians with the latest knowledge and high clinical skills in this process by contributing to the achievement of world standards of health services in the region and ensuring that these services are maintained uninterruptedly. As a result of these serious studies, our young physicians were pleased with the success they showed in their TUS examination in a short time. Because we are individuals graduated from any academic unit of our university; Key to the change, the driving force of development, developed in all areas, growing in stability, strong, democratic and prosperous Turkey we see as the architects. I congratulate the faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine which contributed to this success, especially our students, and I wish them success in their new work. "

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