Thanks Program Was Held for the People Who Contributed to Mask Production

In order to support the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak, a thank-you program was organized for those who contributed to mask production after nearly 2 million medical mask production processes, which were carried out in cooperation with our University and Fatsa Municipality.

The program was held at Fatsa Vocational School. Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan, Fatsa District Governor Ömer Lütfi Yaran, Fatsa Mayor İbrahim Etem Kibar, Vice Rector. Prof. Dr. Niyazi Taşçı, Dean of Fatsa Faculty of Marine Sciences Prof. Dr. Latif Kelebekli, Fatsa Vocational School Director Lecturer Mehmet Letif Bayram, representatives of public institutions and organizations, academic and administrative staff and guests attended to the meeting.

Making the opening speech of the program, Fatsa Mayor İbrahim Etem Kibar said, “As in every region, we have also produced masks in cooperation with our District Governorate and University. While distributing the masks we produced to our public institutions and organizations, we also delivered 450 thousand masks to our citizens. In this context, our District Governor and Rector did whatever it takes to provide the necessary support for the production of masks. In the organization of this meaningful program, our Rector Prof. Dr. Akdoğan said, I would like to thank our District Governor and express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to this process.

Fatsa District Governor Ömer Lütfi Yaran said, “Serious studies have been carried out since March, when the virus first appeared in our country, and it continues to be done. One of the most important feet of this was the subject of the mask. Our district has been a serious example for meeting mask needs throughout the country. Masks produced in cooperation with the university municipality were distributed to our citizens free of charge. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this process ”.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan said, “When we have unity, togetherness and brotherhood, we have seen together that there is nothing that can not be conquered, done or achieved. Under the leadership and leadership of Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, our Ministry of Health, Higher Education Council, relevant institutions and organizations, a nation with the potential, knowledge and energy are together to achieve great challenges today, as in history, with everyone from 7 to 70 in solidarity. Our collaboration with Fatsa District Governorate and Fatsa Municipality is a clear indication of what we can do when we come together in our workshop within the body of our university Fatsa Vocational School. As Ordu University, we tried to do our best. In this context, we have provided a protective mask production machine to our unit so that both our health personnel and our citizens do not have a mask supply problem and the production is carried out more quickly. I believe that when the hearts are one, there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome. With these thoughts, I sincerely thank our administrators, lecturers and municipal staff who continue their production by continuing their efforts devotedly to prevent mask problems in the fight against the epidemic, especially our Fatsa District Governorate and Fatsa Municipality ”.

Following the program, a certificate of appreciation and a plaque was presented to those who contributed to the mask production process.

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