The Distance Education Process at our University Started with the First Lecture of Rector Akdoğan

The formal education education process, which was suspended due to the outbreak of Corona virus in our university, has started with distance education as of today. The first lesson in the distance education system, in which students participate interactively, was performed by Rector. Prof.Dr. Ali Akdoğan.
Rector Akdoğan, addressing students through the distance education system, “As higher education institutions, we make every effort to minimize the effects of this difficult process on our students' educational life. As Ordu University, we have completed our preparations for the necessary infrastructure, hardware and information systems in order to ensure that the education and training processes are carried out in a healthy manner without interruption as much as possible. I would like to state that we will continue the learning process that we paused on March 16, temporarily, starting today. Successful execution of this process is not only with technical infrastructure; With our administrative and academic staff, it will be possible with the usual dedication and efforts of our esteemed students.” 
Reminding that face-to-face training will not be held in the spring term in line with the decision of the higher education board, Rector Akdoğan stated that the education process in the spring term will be realized through distance education and digital education utilities. Rector Akdoğan underlined that this break, given due to the epidemic, is not a holiday, but a must-stay period and added, “ In this process, we recommend young people who are the guarantee of our future to contribute to social isolation by taking into consideration the warnings. The idea that ‘I'm young, nothing will happen to me.’  will endanger both your future and the health of our precious elders who have a bridge between us and the past in your homes. I believe that we will overcome this global process with these thoughts together, and I wish all of you to return to our university after this transition period and wish you success in your digital courses."

After his speech, Rector Akdoğan carried out the first course of distance education with graduate students of the Faculty of Theology.

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