Our University Welcomes New Students

According to the results of the Student Selection and Placement Examination announced on 31 August, the students who come to Ordu to register at our university are welcomed with the stands that are opened in the coach station.

Following the registration process that started with the announcement of the preference results, the University's Health Culture and Sports Department and Student Affairs Department jointly help candidates to enroll in the fastest way without difficulty. At the same time, candidates are provided access to the faculty buildings where the students are placed by the vehicles allocated by the university.

The e-registration system, which was first implemented by Council of Higher Education (YÖK) in 2015, allows students to register before they go to university. Students who get into a university according to the results of the university by 2017-OSYS will be able to electronically register between 03-05 September with the e-government password obtained from PTT branches. Students who do not use the e-registration system or who can not use the e-registration system should register to the faculty, vocational school or vocational college of the university where they register between the dates of 03-07 September personally.

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