New Project from Our University and Fatsa OSB (Organized Industrial Zone)

Preliminary application signatures were signed for the project called "New Business Opportunities and Our Energy for a Livable World" to be realized in cooperation with our University and Fatsa Organized Industrial Zone.

The project, which was prepared with the aim of gaining personnel competence with the quality to make field installations of solar energy-focused power plants, which are renewable energy sources, and raising awareness by drawing attention to green energy, was aimed at supporting the employment and employability of potential workforce, primarily women.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan said, “With this project, which we cooperate with Fatsa Organized Industry, it is planned to bring 60 students in the Technical Sciences Vocational School of our University to the level that they can do business both nationally and internationally. As an institution that is a stakeholder of the project, we will allocate a solar energy focused laboratory area at this point. In the name of the development of our city, we will continue to serve our region and our country within the framework of university-industry cooperation. With these thoughts, I would like to thank all stakeholders, especially Organized Industry Manager Olgun Topkaya and Yiğithan Keleş, and hope that this project we signed will be beneficial. ”

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