ODU is Increasing Indoor and Outdoor Capacity

ODU is Increasing Indoor and Outdoor Capacity

Our university has grown by 4.2 times in the indoor area since the year it was established with the new service buildings that it has added to its structure in the year of 2017 while the outdoor area has increased by 5 times.

Our university has been making great progress in the past 11 years and we are rapidly moving towards becoming a future university with stronger and bigger studies. The Faculty of Agriculture, which has a closed area of 12 thousand square meters in total in 2017, has Emin Çetinceviz Central Library, which has an enclosed area of approximately 5 thousand square meters, which is opened in the past days, and Düriye Çetinceviz Preschool Education Center, which has a covered area of 2350 sq. m., and the restoration work of the building terrace of the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, has increased the covered area to 540 square meters.

Continuing to increase its physical capacity, Ordu University continues to provide services to its academic, administrative staff and students in a more modern environment. However, the rector service building, which has an area of 14 thousand square meters designed to meet the needs of all administrative units, is planned to enter service in 2018.

Designed in the light of modern architecture and technological developments, the Faculty of Dentistry, which has a closed area of 15 thousand square meters and is constructed in the Cumhuriyet Campus, is going to attract attention as a science and health center in the region, especially in Ordu.

In addition to this, near football field carpet in the campus of our university, an area with 500 square meters of open-air fitness equipment has been started to provide students with the opportunity to exercise in the outdoor area.

"Universities are social institutions that play an important role in balanced distribution of human infrastructure and higher education and scientific research services across the country, contributing to the development of the country and the region, Universities with large-scale educational and cultural investments that will serve for long periods are now regarded as leading institutions in social progress. In this context, our University is strengthened by carrying out quantitative and qualitative growth together. Ordu University, aiming to be the pioneer of social development, advancement and growth, has achieved an open space of 1 million 447 thousand 166 square meters within a short period of eleven years and has succeeded to grow 4.2 times in terms of indoor space. The new service buildings we have included in our university will continue to grow quantitatively with the ongoing service buildings that we aim to finish soon. It will grow rapidly to accommodate variable student numbers, adapt to new educational and research methods quickly and economically, and will continue to have a voice in the area of Ordu University and its territory with flexible service buildings. "said Rector Yarılgaç

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