YÖKAK President Elmas Told Informatics and Quality Studies

Chairman of Higher Education Quality Board (YÖKAK) Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas gave a conference on Higher Education Quality Studies Açılış within the scope of ”21st Academic Informatics Conference Opening Ceremony.

The Rector of our university  Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, Chairman of the Board of Higher Education Quality Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas, Vice Rector Dr. Tevfik Noyan, General Secretary Assoc. Dr. M. Kenan Şahin, Academic Informatics Continuous Organizing Committee and Internet Technologies Association Representative Dr. Necdet Yücel, Faculty Deans and Vocational School Directors, academic and administrative staff and students attended.
Chairman of the Board of Higher Education Quality Committee Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas visited our university’s rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç in his office. After the visit, Elmas held a conference on ’Higher Education Quality Studies within the scope of the 21st Academic Informatics Conference, which was held in the Conference Hall of the Morphology Building. Elmas gave information about the studies carried out by the Higher Education Quality Board in the field of informatics by expressing the changing and fast-changing World in order to keep up with the professional and ethically high knowledge of skills and competencies to train graduates. Moreover he stressted research and development outputs to increase the number and quality of them. Referring to the proactive approach to higher education planning, Elmas said that 7 modifying factors for higher education such as pedagogy, personalized learning technology, new generation online learning, internet of things, competence-based training, virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence play changing roles.
Furthermore Elmas says that digital transformation is not replaced by replacing the old technology with the new technology. Organizations are trying to transfer technology without changing the way they work. He also said that “We want to establish learning excellence centers, not only educational scientists but also engineers, operators and informatics. We currently have eight-nine and try to increase this number rapidly. However, the existing courses and the ways of teaching should be changed, new courses should be added and art, humanities, language arts, drama, new media should be added to the courses such as oneself, and these should have appropriate learning environments.

Elmas talked about the work of the Higher Education Quality Board and said that “ There is no such thing as seizure of universities. We try to create an atmosphere that will highlight the characteristics of the universities. The university itself is already setting its vision, mission, strategy and goals. The important thing is to move in accordance with this vision and mission, around 20-25 percent on its implementation in Turkey. We, as the Quality Board, support the universities in determining the stages of the implementation of the vision, mission and targets”.  The Board of Higher Education evaluates the reports prepared by the institutions on education, research and entrepreneurship in the fields of education, research and entrepreneurship, and presents their comments, suggestions and evaluations to the concerned. The institutions of the Higher Education Quality Board that examine universities as an external eye differ according to the countries and regions. But their essence is the same. For our country, a simple, simple and less bureaucracy model is more suitable for its geographical location and human structure. 
After the conference, Rector of our University. Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, Chairman of the Board of Higher Education Quality presented a certificate of appreciation to Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas.


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