Ordu University Maintains to Train Qualified Scholars

Ordu University which carries out a pionering role in training multiple and equipped and also analytical thinking, innovative individuals through postgraduates programmes also increases its success graphic every coming day is maintaining to perform the necessity of increasing student’s number and offering research infrastructure, which is among the distinctive features.

In this respect, in 2006 starting the postgraduate programme with the number of 17 students, Ordu University reached the number of 1.500 postgraduate students and graduated 650 doctorate and post-graduate students and is continuing to train the qualified scholars, 12- thesis postgraduate programmes (primary-school teaching, economy, labour economy and industrial relations, educational sciences, history, art history, music, Turkish and Social sciences education, fundemantal Islamic Sciences, graphic design, Turkish language and Literature, cinema and television and 2 doctorate programmes (History and Turkish Language) are available in the Institute of Science 2018-2019 mid-term registrations 39 and totally 582 students and has graduated 180 students since it was established.

14 thesis postgraduate programmes ( horticultural crops, fishery technology engineering, plant protection, food engineering, landscape architecture, primary school education, science education, chemistry, mathematics, mathematics education, field crops, soil science, and plant plant growing, molecular biology and genetics, renewable energy, zootechnics, 9 doctorate programmes ( horticultural crops, fishery technology engineering, science education, food engineering field plants, chemistry, mathematics, molecular biology and genetics, soil science and plant growing) are available in life sciences. In 2018-2019 52 and totally 722 students registered the above programmes and the institution has graduated 460 students since it was established.

In nursery, medical biochemistry and physical education and sport departments and doctorate programmes of birth and women diseases nursery are available in the health science institution and up to the time 9 students graduated from the programme and 94 students are still continuing research studies in health science fields.

The Rector of Ordu University, Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç stated ‘ the institutions prepare the facility to socialize of scientific knowledge and help localization of global literatüre and are the most important units of the university and they also produce studies in social and cultural fields, science and health sciences institution outputs experimental studies in positive scieneces. Ordu University forms a dynamic and productive postgraduate vision and it enhances knowledge treasure in both national and international framework with postgraduate and doctorate thesis as well.

Ordu University which creates awareness with its postgradute and doctorate programmes maintains to increase its scientific projections.’

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